Online Session Chair | Guidelines

Thank you for chairing a session at the 2021 IIBA Conference

The following guidelines and resources are designed to assist with your preparation and participation in chairing your session.

If you have queries please contact

Oral presentation sessions will consist of 30-minute pre-recorded presentations, followed by 15 minutes of live facilitated panel Q&A with all presenters from your session.

Quick Bite presentation sessions will consist of 20-minute pre-recorded presentations, followed by 10 minutes of live facilitated panel Q&A with all presenters from your session.


Please ensure you join your session 30 minutes prior to the commencement time to meet with your session host and the presenters in your session. Your session host will run through the technical aspects with you and ensure your camera and microphone are operating correctly.

The session will consist of pre-recorded presentations being played one by one, with a holding slide in between. These will be followed by a panel-like Q&A session between a presenter from each presentation and yourself. Questions will be submitted by the audience through a live Q&A chat feed.

Opening the session:

  • Your session host will play the pre-recorded presentations.
  • Remind delegates to put any questions they have for the presenters in the Live Q&A box to the right of their screen. Remember to advise them to put the presenters’ names at the start of the question so you know who you will be directing it to when the time comes for the Q&A panel.

During the session:

  • At the conclusion of the final pre-recorded presentation, the session host will push you and all the presenters to the main stage where you will facilitate the live Q&A discussion. (It is a good idea to have a question or two of your own in case there are none forthcoming from the audience).

Closing the session:

  • At the top of your screen, you will see a countdown clock that will assist you in knowing when the session is due to end.
  • We recommend wrapping up live Q&A when there is roughly one minute left on the clock. This should allow enough time for the presenters to finish their discussion, and any closing thanks and remarks to be made.
  • Once the countdown clock has finished the session will no longer be live. Your session host will end the broadcast and you will be able to leave the session and continue with your day!

Please note: your session host will be in charge of playing the pre-recorded videos and pushing you to and from the main stage. 

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