Breanna Casteel

Breanna Casteel

Breanne Casteel is a catalyst for change enablement, through collaboration and connections, to drive empathetic business solutions.  She is a passionate advocate with 20+ years’ experience, bringing awareness to business architecture and business analysis skills and mindset to numerous roles in the organization, with an emphasis on communication, transparency, and collaboration across silos. She has also presented at conferences and strongly believes in mentorship.  In addition to her Computer Science degree from Montana State University, she also has certifications from IIBA for ECBA, CPOA and AAC as well as CBA® from the Business Architecture Guild.

Presentation: Increase Efficiency with Business Rules

Business Rules mapped with processes, requirements and information concepts are very powerful for building superior business solutions.  Business Rules alone are a very powerful tool that contains their own benefits for any business.

In this session, I will show the increased efficiency KOA (Kampgrounds of America) is experiencing from having Business Rules elicited, defined, analysed, and documented.

I will discuss the challenges that existed before having rules documented, scope of eliciting rules, critical conversations had, making them transparent, and the continued measured benefits found from Support all the way through the Business Architecture.