Georgiana Mannion

Georgiana Mannion

George is a well known speaker and a member of the BA Community for over 15 years! She’s served on two IIBA Committees and as Vice-President on the Australian Board.

She’s known for ‘knowing her stuff’ and presenting it in an engaging and fun way.

She’s worked across different industries and systems as an employee and contractor but she runs a management consultancy called Evolving BA.

She mentors women in the industry.

When not tied to her laptop, she’s a punk rock aficionado having played in bands and regularly going to live music.

Presentation: Stakeholders: Why BAs are the Zookeepers of our Businesses!

You’ve heard the expression ‘herding cats’? But have you ever considered you might actually be running an entire zoo? By contrast, cats are predictable.

Communicating with stakeholders is at the heart of what a Business Analyst should be doing. As much as we’d like to, we can’t run a project by ourselves! They provide the golden information for the project to succeed!

You’ll be presented with case studies of animals across the spectrum, but with tactics on how to manage them. Isn’t that empowering? How to get a lion to back away from a deer…

Never again be afraid of a mouse, or be domineered by a dolphin, you get to be the zoo keepers!

Learn about your own style of behaving around others and turning that into your superpower. Don’t be afraid if you’re an introvert or extrovert, learn your fundamentals and use it to your advantage to win people over. You can remain authentic at all times.

George has had a lifetime of the zookeeping spectrum but turning them around, including some of the worst stakeholders who derail you or the project. She has tricks up her sleeves to support you, based from experience and psychology studies.

Takeaways include:

  • A stakeholder/impact register
  • A comms plan
  • A rumours register

Lean back and enjoy the stories, and learn from them from someone who has ‘met every animal in the zoo’!