Georgiana Mannion

Director, Evolving Holdings

George has been a speaker on multiple topics at international conferences for many years, known mainly as ‘The Playful BA’. She has been a BA for over ten years, has led a BA team and communities of practice. She is now a ‘problem solver for hire’. She incorporates analysis, technology, and change management, to support companies and teams. She was the Vice President on the IIBA Board of Directors Australia for 2.5 years after 2 years on the IIBA committee in the UK.
She is proficient and present in all things social media, including branding, and hosts two podcasts.

Keynote Presentation: The BA is not just a project resource! 

How BAs can be involved in the organisation as an internal consultant using their skills for good!

Workshop: Stakeholders, what we love about them and when they bite back
A BA needs a good relationship with stakeholders to succeed. But what happens when we lose control of them and they come back and bite us?
Join this journey of effective stakeholder management that goes beyond the documentation. How to engage the disengaged, and likewise, disengaging the overly eager! And importantly, how to manage someone that is sabotaging, difficult, overbearing, and generally making your work life hard.

Practical hints and tips with case studies and activities with toys and games!