2020 Workshops


To keep them interactive, workshop attendee numbers will be limited to 110 for each workshop.

Registration for workshops will open to all those who have registered by the 12th of October.  If not all tickets sell in the initial release you will be given a second opportunity to register for other workshops.

(Times are listed in AEDT time.)


Unleashing the Power of Visual Thinking- Full

Presenter: Grant Wright

When: 1800-2000, Monday 26 October 2020


Academic research has shown that the brain is able to process, retain and recall visual information more quickly, accurately and consistently than when the same information is expressed solely in words (whether written or spoken).

In recent years the concepts of ‘Visual Thinking’ and ‘Sketchnoting’ have grown in popularity as a means of explaining complex concepts, making content easier to remember, generating ideas, creating engagement and so much more…

In this hands-on session participants will explore the world of visual thinking and learn some practical techniques that will help them to become a better BA and have fun in the process!


BA: Brand & Attract

Presenter: Georgiana Mannion

When: 1615-1815, Tuesday 27 October 2020


Learn the art of branding yourself, your team, and your projects, in order to get your stakeholders queuing out the door! Understand the unique selling points to attract others for increased engagement in projects and understanding of your team’s purpose.


Deep Dive into Collaboration

Presenter: Craig Brown

When: 1615-1815, Tuesday 27 October 2020


Part 1: Investigate the notion of collaboration; what is it, why we value it, what stops us from collaborating better. Reflect on collaboration in your own context and come up with a plan for improving things.

Part 2: Benchmark yourself against others and see what other people are thinking about. Finally, hear Craig’s recommendation for a prioritised set of actions that seem to be a shared set of priorities for us all.


Undertaking Strategy Analysis – then executing to that strategy!Full

Presenter: Haydn Thomas

When: 1300-1530, Wednesday 28 October 2020


Why is undertaking Strategy Analysis so confusing and rarely undertake. We all know Strategy analysis properly focuses the organisations attention on important issues, opportunities, benefits, stakeholders, scope and objectives, so why do we wait until the project is started to undertake this activity (if at all!)

It is not practical to be involved in this type of Strategy altering work without a solid foundation of knowledge about the organisation as a whole and how it relates to its customers, competition, the environment, market trends, financial factors, and a wide range of other components. Without understanding the important nature of Strategy analysis, a Business Analyst gets too caught up in the details to recognise the impact a process or system change could have on the organisation and vice versa. Therefore, this step is critical to demystify the Pathways to undertaking this vital activity and a session not to be missed by Sponsors, Executives, Project Managers and Business Analysts alike.

In this presentation, you will be walked through the steps to ensure your project is given the best chance of success rather than becoming an industry static (or worse, as case study).


  • How to create and sell a Pathway enabling Strategy Analysis in your organisation without a sledge hammer
  • Create a checklist of the types and sources of information useful in this level of analysis and where to find them
  • Understand how effective Strategy to Execution significantly help management and organisations achieve their goals

We all know that Strategy Analysis is the first Knowledge Area in BABOK, so why do we rarely undertake this vital activity. In this presentation, you will be provided a pathway walking through the steps to ensure your project is given the best chance of success rather than becoming an industry static (or worse, as case study). Demystify the Pathways to undertaking Strategy Analysis is a session not to be missed by all in your organisation.


Developing a growth mindset as a business analyst

Presenter: Marina Pullin

When: 1330-1530, Wednesday 28 October 2020


Defining the power of a growth mindset
Impact on the business analyst
Getting used to rework
Adjusting requirements in a growth framework
Understand the relationship to Agile


Requirements Master Class – Full

Presenter: Damian Wilson

When: 1430-1630, Thursday 29 October 2020


Requirements seem so agreeable at first. It is only when you try to pick one up that you discover their true troublesome nature. They wriggle and squirm to evade capture. They fight with each other. They hide, only to leap out and surprise you later.

The mastery of requirements in your business will have a significant impact on the success of your projects. Using requirements standards is very important but it will only get you so far. Truly mastering requirements comes with experience. Damian Wilson has decades of experience in hunting, catching and domesticating requirements. In this session, he will provide a deep explanation of the BABOK approach to requirements, strategies for implementing them in your business plus many of his own requirements wrangling secrets.