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2024 Festival of Business Analysis14 - 18 October 2024

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Discover Limitless Possibilities in Business Analysis

Embrace the future of business analysis at the IIBA® Festival of Business Analysis 14 – 18 October 2024, where innovation meets inspiration and sparks are ignited. Our theme, “Innovate. Inspire. Ignite.” sets the stage for a dynamic exploration of cutting-edge trends, transformative methodologies, and the limitless potential within the realm of business analysis.

Why Attend?

Innovate: Explore Next-Gen Strategies
Dive into the latest advancements, strategies, and technology shaping the world of business analysis. Discover innovative approaches that will empower you to lead in an ever-evolving landscape.

Inspire: Elevate Your Vision
Be inspired by thought leaders and industry experts who have navigated challenges, seized opportunities, and achieved remarkable success. Gain insights that will elevate your vision and motivate you to redefine the boundaries of your professional journey.

Ignite: Your Passion for Excellence
Engage in discussions, interactive sessions, and hands-on workshops. Connect with like-minded professionals, exchange ideas, and fuel your drive to excel.

Conference Highlights:

Keynotes Beyond Boundaries: Immerse yourself in captivating keynotes delivered by individuals shaping the future of business analysis.

Workshops for Action: Participate in interactive workshops designed to provide practical skills and actionable strategies you can implement immediately.

Networking that Matters: Forge meaningful connections with professionals from diverse industries, creating a network that will support your growth and success.

Vendor Showcase: Explore cutting-edge tools and solutions in our vendor showcase, equipping you with the resources to stay ahead in your business analysis endeavours.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow’s Business Landscape

The IIBA® Festival of Business Analysis 2024 is not just an event; it’s a journey into the future of business analysis. Together, let’s innovate, inspire, and ignite the path to success. Your seat at the forefront of change awaits.  Registrations will open in late March 2024.



Mon 14 Oct 2024


Tue 15 Oct 2024


Wed 16 Oct 2024


Wed 16 Oct 2024


Thur 17 Oct 2024


Thur 17 Oct 2024


Fri 18 Oct 2024


14 – 18 Oct 2024


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Professional Development Units (PDU)


Professional Development Units (PDU) are available for IIBA® Members who attend FoBA. You must self-record this in your membership.

In-Person (Australia): Receive 8 PDU per day you attend in-person.

In-Person (New Zealand): Receive 2 PDU per day you attend in-person.

Online: Receive 6 PDU for attending online.

In-Person (Australia) + Online: If you attend one Australian city and the online program, you will receive 14 PDU points.