Interested in Speaking

Invitation to Submit

We invite you to submit a presentation abstract for consideration for the Festival of Business Analysis being held from 14 – 18 October 2024.

The festival is the region’s premier meeting featuring industry experts, keen to share their knowledge, insights, and innovations in Business Analysis. The festival offers meaningful exchanges, discussions, and networking with professionals across our region and internationally. This festival is a crucial platform for advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and promoting excellence in our diverse scientific community.

We encourage you to take this opportunity to present your case studies, innovative programs, and significant findings to an engaged audience of professionals in the community. Presentations at the festival enrich the discussions and contribute to the growth of knowledge in our field.  Topics to consider are:

  • Agile Innovations
  • BA Basics
  • Cybersecurity Innovation
  • Data Ethics and Privacy in the Innovation Era
  • Digital Transformation and Business Model Innovation
  • Focus on Customer Experience (CX)
  • Igniting Collaboration
  • Igniting Product Ownership
  • Igniting your interpersonal skills
  • Innovating with AI
  • Inspiring Design Thinking
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Sustainable Innovation

Presentations are encouraged to be relevant to the breadth of the Business Analysis community in Australia and New Zealand. Our program committee will review submissions to ensure the selection of high-quality contributions for presentation.  They will give priority to presentations that

  • showcase emerging and/or innovative approaches, practices or techniques
  • are case studies, success stories & lessons learned
  • highlight specialised topics related to key practice areas

To submit your presentation, please visit our submission portal on this website and follow the instructions provided. Please don’t hesitate to contact our festival managers, at, if you have any questions.

We look forward to receiving your presentation and having you join us for an inspiring and stimulating festival.

Kind regards,

Luigi Bini
Festival Director

Submit a Presentation

Important Dates

  • Call for Presentations Open
    4 March 2024
  • Call for Presentations Close
    14 April 2024
  • Presenters notified by
    30 April 2024
  • Festival Starts 
    14 October 2024

Presentation Submission Instructions

All Presentations are submitted online via the portal above. By submitting a presentation, you agree to abide by the Festival code of conduct and confirm that you have the relevant permission(s) to present the information contained in your submission.

1. Prepare your presentation abstract

  • Title: Use a descriptive title of up to 10 words that indicates the content of the presentation.
  • Bio and Photo: Prepare your speakers bio and photo
  • Fellow Presenters:  Include the given name and family name of any fellow presenters.
  • Affiliations: Include each presenter organisation, position and email address.
  • Abstract Synopsis: Prepare a 250-word synopsis for including:
    • The purpose of the presentation
    • The nature and scope of the topic
    • The issue or problem under consideration (if there is one)
    • The outcomes/results where relevant.

2. Corresponding author

Open the submission portal and enter the contact details of the corresponding author.

3. Abstract submission details

You will need to enter the following details for each abstract you submit:

  • Presentation title (10 words)
  • Abstract (250 words)
  • Preferred presentation format
  • Preferred theme
  • Names of authors
  • Affiliations of authors
  • Indicate the presenter.
  • Short biography of the presenter (100 words)
  • Photo of presenter (high res jpeg or png)

Presenter Registration

All presenters must register for the festival.  One presenter per presentation will receive a complimentary ticket to the city of their presentation or the online program if presenting online.   Presenters also need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

Travel Grants

The festival will not be able to offer any travel grants to present or attend. Presenters need to meet their own travel and accommodation costs.

Abstract Guidelines

  • Abstracts must be original and unpublished.
  • You must declare a potential conflict of interest.
  • Ensure that your abstract is grammatically correct and free of other errors.
  • Use single spacing for all text.
  • Do not use abbreviations in the title of the abstract
  • When using abbreviations in the abstract, spell them out in full at the first mention
  • Capitalize the first letter in trade names.
  • Abstracts should NOT contain references, tables, or figures.
  • Accepted abstracts will appear exactly as submitted.
  • Industry representatives are welcome to submit an abstract for consideration, however, submissions that are commercially or sales-focused will not be considered

Presentation Themes

Select one of the following theme options when submitting your abstracts.

  1. BA Basics
  2. Agile
  3. Product Ownership
  4. Cyber Security
  5. Growing your interpersonal skills
  6. Building your team collaboration
  7. Leadership in 2024
  8. Other

Presentation Formats

You are asked to note a preferred presentation format when submitting as there are limited places, particularly for workshops.  The committee may request that you consider an alternative format. Authors will be advised and asked to confirm if they wish to present in the new format.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be allocated 30 or 45 minutes, including 10 – 15 minutes for question time.


Workshops provide an interactive and hands-on format for in-depth discussions, skill development, or collaborative activities. The workshop will allow participants to engage with facilitators and peers to explore topics or learn new techniques.

Workshop proposals should include the following:

  • The workshop title.
  • The facilitators and their affiliations
  • An overview of the workshop that highlights how it will be interactive for participants.
  • The preferred time of 45 or 90 minutes for in-person events and 90 or 120 minutes for the online program.
  • The maximum number of participants

Panel Discussions

Panel discussions provide diverse perspectives and encourage interactive exchanges on a topic or theme. Each panelist will present their topic or viewpoint followed by a discussion and audience participation. A moderator will ensure the smooth flow of the session, facilitate interaction between panellists, and incorporate audience questions. Panel sessions provide an opportunity for in-depth exploration of a subject from diverse viewpoints and expertise.

Panel proposals should include the following:

  • The panel topic
  • The moderator’s name and affiliation
  • The panellists names, affiliations, and topics
  • The preferred time of 30, 45 or 60 minutes (including presentations and discussion)

Review & Selection Process

The Program Committee, which comprises representatives from the chapter board and state branches, will peer review all submitted abstracts in open collaboration.

Selection Process

The Program Committee will allocate presentations to the program considering the recommendations from reviewers, the author’s preference for presentation format, and the balance of the program.

Abstract authors will be notified of acceptance, rejection or change of format via email at the date specified above. Presenters are then required to confirm their acceptance and their participation in the festival. No correspondence will be entered into as to why individual abstracts did not receive an oral presentation.

Presentations will not be selected if they appear to directly promote any products or services, or are of a commercial nature. Any speakers who violate this agreement during their presentation will not be invited to speak again.


All submissions will be reviewed against set criteria to ensure consistency and fairness in the review process.

  • Relevance: The extent to which the abstract aligns with the festival theme or topics of interest.
  • Originality: The novelty and uniqueness of the ideas presented in the abstract.
  • Clarity: The clarity and coherence of the abstract in terms of organization, structure, and language usage.
  • Significance: The significance and potential impact of the ideas presented in the abstract.
  • Methodology or Approach: The appropriateness and rigour of the research methodology or approach described in the abstract.
  • Results or Findings: The clarity and relevance of the reported results or findings in the abstract.
  • Conclusions or Implications: The clarity and logical connections between the results or findings and the conclusions or implications drawn in the abstract.
  • Contribution to the Field: The extent to which the abstract contributes to advancing knowledge or practice in the field.
  • Overall Quality: An assessment of the overall quality of the abstract, including its readability, coherence, and adherence to formatting guidelines.

Submission & Presentation Information

Authors’ Permission

By submitting an abstract all authors are deemed to have agreed to release the content to the festival organisers and give permission to publish the abstract and presentation in all festival publications including on the website, in the app and printed material.

Speaker Biography

A brief biography of the presenter is to be provided when you submit your abstract. Biographies may include the presenter’s position, career details and major work achievements. Biographies should be written in the third person. If your abstract is accepted, your biography will be used when introducing you as a speaker at the festival.

Speaker Photos

A high resolution jpeg or png image of the speaker should be uploaded at the time of submission.

Presenter Guidelines

A set of guidelines to assist presenters will be made available before the festival.

Cancellations or Change of Presenter

Please avoid late cancellations or changing the presenter as material will be pre-printed with the speaker’s name and organisation and cannot be changed at a later date. If you need to cancel or change the presenter, please advise Conference Design at as early as possible.

Disclosure Of Interest Statement

We recognise the considerable contribution that industry partners make to professional and research activities. We also recognise the need for transparency and the disclosure of potential conflicts of interest by acknowledging these relationships in publications and presentations. Where relevant, all authors must include a disclosure of interest statement in their abstract and if accepted in their presentation. For example, The Melon Institute and Metabolism Corp are funded by the University of Oxbridge, UK. No pharmaceutical grants were received in the development of this study.

Uploading Your Presentations and Posters

You will be sent links to upload your PowerPoint slides via Drobox.

Publishing your Presentation in the Online Portal

Presentations will be made available to registered delegates for viewing in the online portal for six months unless you advise otherwise. Any additional files authors choose to share via the online portal, as well as live Q & A/panel discussions, will also be available to view during and after the presentation. Access to the portal will be password protected and limited to festival registrants. If presentations are to be used or published in any other format or forum, your specific consent will be requested.

Permission for Material Presented

Please ensure you have documented permission to use any images, music or other content in your abstract and presentation. Do not include any images copied from the internet. Getty Images and other image agencies crawl the internet looking for images that have been copied without the appropriate licenses. You are liable for all copyright infringements that arise from your presentation.

 Copyright and Ownership of Material

All materials, including but not limited to presentations, slides, posters, abstracts, papers, and any other written or visual content presented at the event, are the intellectual property of us or the respective authors and presenters. The authors or presenters retain ownership rights to their materials.

Will People be Able to Record or Download My Presentation?

During the registration process, attendees agree to the festival Terms & Conditions, which include rules on unauthorized photography and recording of festival material. We cannot enforce this rule completely, so presenters should assume a participant may take unauthorized photographs, screenshots, audio, or video recordings. You may wish to adjust the content of your presentation accordingly. Presentations in the online portal and festival app are available only to view and cannot be downloaded.

Audio Visual Equipment Available

Each session room will be equipped with the following equipment:

  • A presentation laptop running Windows 10 or 11
  • Data projector
  • Screen
  • Lectern
  • Microphone, including sound for your presentation
  • A clicker to progress your slides

All slides will be run from the presentation computer.

If you have a complex presentation that includes multiple media files, we suggest you bring your laptop as a backup in case of difficulties loading your presentation.

If you use a Mac, have a complex presentation or require a specific or uncommon program, we suggest you bring your laptop as a backup in case of difficulties loading your presentation. You will need to arrange this in advance with the AV technicians. Please provide any specific audio-visual requirements to the Conference Secretariat at

Online Oral Presentations

For online presenters, it is anticipated your presentation will be streamed live to delegates via Zoom meetings. Presenters can share their screens and present slides using the standard Zoom meetings functionality. Presenters will need to supply a copy of their slides before the festival as a backup in case of technical difficulty.

Writing an Abstract

An abstract is a short document that captures the interest of potential attendees of your session. Your abstract should engage the reader by telling them what your presentation is about. The title of the proposed presentation is also important; short attention-catching titles are the most effective, however, it is also important to ensure that the title describes the subject.

These are questions to consider when writing your abstract.

  • Does the title succinctly describe the topic?
  • Does the abstract clearly state the topic of the presentation?
  • Does the abstract say how the research or project was or is being undertaken?
  • Does the abstract give a concise summary of the findings?
  • Does the abstract indicate the value of the findings and whom the findings will benefit?
  • Does the abstract engage the reader by telling them why they should attend the presentation?
  • Is the abstract well written in terms of conciseness, language, and grammar?
  • Does the abstract conform to the structure outlined and the word limit?

While the format of your abstract will vary with the topic and type of information you are presenting, most abstracts will include the following:

  • Background of the project or initiative,
  • Method of research or project implementation,
  • Results of the project or research
  • Discussion of the outcomes and implications.

Finally, your abstract should not include diagrams or images; references are not required in the abstract.