John Parshotamdas



Lead Business Analyst, St John Of God

John Parshotamdas is Senior Business Analysts with 15+ years’ experience in Business Analyst. He is a Certified Business Analysis Professional as well as a PROCSI Change Management certified. He has been involved in several large enterprise-scaled business transformation projects.

He is presently working for St John of God as their Business Analysis Practice Lead. He has been actively involved in growing and maturing the practice within the organisation. He has coached and mentored over 20+ business analysts through a structured approach.

His purpose it to inspire, equip, teach and support people so that they find their true north

Presentation: Moving from Good to Great in your Business Analysis Journey

Moving from Good to Great in your Business Analysis Journey

We want to achieve high-levels of performance in our roles as Business Analysts so that we can serve our stakeholders and offer the highest business. We are tired of playing it small in our game and want to get to the next level of our careers. We need a pathway to achieve high performance and greatness.

There is a clear pathway to move from good to great. John will share the mindsets and methods to achieve high performance and greatness. These are proven practices that John has witnessed amongst those he has coached and mentored.

He will also share some Business Analysis tips and techniques he has mastered from the consulting world as well as his own hands-on experience in the field of business analysis. If you are ready to embark on the next step, this is the right session for you.

1. Develop our mindset and belief system to enable us to move forward.
2. Understand what some success barriers and how to overcome them.
3. Learn and apply the GROW model
4. Establish your individualised pathway /action plan to achieve greatness.
5. BA Tips and Techniques from the consulting world.