Arash Arabi

Founder & CEO, Sprint Agile

Arash Arabi is a global management consultant, best-selling author, and Taekwondo world champion. He is the founder and CEO of Sprint Agile and his work with multi-billion dollar companies has been featured several times on TV news, print, and online media.

Arash has coached multiple high profile organisations including ANZ, Toyota, Telstra, Infosys, and Amazon. Arash is the author of the Internationally best-selling book, The Wise Enterprise Reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty. For more information on Arash’s work please visit or follow him on LinkedIn or YouTube.

Presentation: “Analysis” is so old-school; welcome to the age of “Synthesis”!

Analysis is the most successful method of scientific enquiry through which we attempt to understand a system by breaking it down to its components and understanding how each component works. While analysis works really well when we are examining something in a lab, it usually does not give us a structure to understand the behaviours of a system in its environment, ecosystem, or context. To better understand something in its context we need to apply Synthesis.

Synthesis is a method of enquiry that embraces complexity and helps us understand how complex systems influence each other in a complex ecosystem. Synthesis, together with Analysis form the two pillars of Systems Thinking.

In this interactive presentation we will cover practical techniques to apply synthesis in organisations. We will also introduce you to a number of modelling notations that can be used to represent and make sense of complexity in organisations.