Faith Timbs

Managing Director | Timbs and Co: Change Design 

Faith has spent almost 20 years navigating the ups and down of change in the education, government, heavy industry and NFP sectors. She’s delivered multiple Enterprise Change frameworks, worked across change portfolios valued at more than $22billion, and led teams of all shapes and sizes including a few on the high seas!

And now she’s helping organisations throw out the cookie cutter approach to thinking, acting and leading in change.

Her Timbs and Co: Change Design approach works across organisational systems, leader capability and individual influence to build an environment where change is productive, pragmatic and psychosocially safe.

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Presentation: Evolving Perspectives: Cultivating Skills for Transformative Change

In a world where businesses are continuously evolving, the success of any organization hinges on the adaptability and open-mindedness of its workforce. To effectively navigate the challenges ahead, we must cultivate empathy, evolve our perspectives, and emerge as flexible thinkers.

In this engaging presentation, join Faith Timbs an experienced change practitioner with a unique blend of technical and human-centered expertise who’ll explore a range of practical strategies.

Together, let’s challenge conventional perspectives on navigating the ever-changing business landscape. Get inspired to empathize, evolve, and emerge as catalysts for meaningful progress in your organizations.