Paddy Dhanda


Agile Practice Director | QA Ltd

Paddy is passionate about helping people build better human skills to be more productive and thrive in today’s fast paced world. He graduated from the worst performing High School in the UK. He has gone on to advise CEO’s and Executives on effective innovation strategies to some of the biggest brands on the planet, as well as guest lecturer at the University of Birmingham MBA programme.

Paddy is currently the Agile Practice Director at the UK’s largest tech training organisation and is the former Head of Agile Learning for a global investment bank, where he rolled out Agile education to over 100k agilists. He is also passionate about Visual Thinking and creativity and co-founder of the one of the largest Visual Thinking Meetup communities (The Visual Jam) in the world.

Paddy also hosts the Superpowers School podcast exposing the human side of tech. He was recently nominated as a finalist for the Best Content Creator at the Creative Industry Awards.

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Presentation: Click & Connect: How Can You Have Valuable Conversations at Work?

During childhood, we are told not to talk to strangers. Paddy took this advice literally and became a professional introvert. But when he became a Business Analyst, he was encouraged to engage with everyone. Having the ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate effectively gives BA’s new superpowers. Join Paddy as he shares his experiences on how he overcame his conversational fears and became a public speaker, trainer, podcaster and co-host of one of the largest Visual Thinking communities on the planet.

• How to conquer your conversational fears
• How to develop a connection mindset
• Non-conventional techniques for effective engagement

So don’t just click with your stakeholders, let’s build deeper connections through powerful conversations!