Akhila Mohan


Chapter Lead – Digital Optimizers BA Chapter | endeavourX

With a career spanning over 14 years, I am a seasoned professional in the realms of business analysis, product management, business intelligence, and analytics, specializing in diverse domains and industries. I currently serve as the Business Analysis Chapter Lead at endeavourX, a distinguished digitally transforming firm that is harnessing AI and that power memorable moments for customers and team members.

In my capacity as a chapter lead, I leverage my extensive experience to spearhead strategic initiatives, foster collaboration, and ensure the delivery of high-impact solutions that harmonize with business objectives. I am deeply committed to the principles of continuous improvement and innovation within the realm of business analysis. Fostering transformative change and driving business success through a relentless pursuit of excellence in business analysis.

At the heart of my mission is the leadership of a chapter dedicated to cultivating a community of passionate business analysts. Here, our focus is on honing digital optimization skills and extracting the best from people, processes, and technology. We actively promote a culture of open communication, learning, and sharing, fostering an environment where growth and excellence are nurtured.

As a practising BA, I bring invaluable analytical capabilities to the table. My role revolves around solving intricate problems, breaking down complex tasks, and providing unwavering support to overarching programs, all aimed at delivering solutions that seamlessly align with both customer and business requirements. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I play a pivotal role in maintaining and optimizing the product backlog, reinforcing the partnership with the Product Manager, and ensuring our collective efforts are well-aligned with the company’s strategic goals.

Presentation: Defining your organization’s unique ways of conducting Business Analysis

We are happy to share our experiences in having a live Business Analysis Handbook in our practice. In this presentation, we will showcase our organization’s BA ways of working, summarizing the general business analysis outcomes, artefacts and deliverables involved in each stage of product development.
The presentation will cover the following areas.

  • Our idea of having a BA Handbook within our organization & Why we took up this activity
  • The purpose and benefits for our BA community including new starters and aspiring BAs as well as the whole organization
  • Recognizing the individual flavours of BAs
  • Recognizing and tailoring to the unique product development style across the organization
  • Chart out the critical outcomes, activities, tools and artefacts at each stage of an initiative
  • Illustrate with example(s)