Alicia James


CEO/Founder of ChangeIT Up Change Management

We at ChangeITUp Change Management are here to help you, whether you are changing one thing or many. Perhaps you have a new technical solution you need a certain team to adopt, or you are managing a complicated, organisation-wide change program that calls for everyone’s buy-in.

We are here to shift peoples beliefs and behaviours and make sure the intended change is adopted.

As founder of ChangeITUp Change Management, I aspire to live up to the notion of listening to understand and asking the tough questions to unpack your pain points.

With a background of over 18 years in change management, I am passionate about getting it right the first time.

My professional values can be summed up as:

    • An on the ball problem solver
    • Looking beyond the initial problem to get you the right business outcome
    • Building your change capability for success


How to avoid 3 fatal mistakes leaders can make that will sabotage a change process-

Step 1 Think a head of the Game
Step 2 Maintain Speed and Momentum
Step 3 Evaluate, Evaluate, Evaluate