Andrew Lizzio


Managing Director, Wizup Pty Ltd

Andrew is a somewhat quiet, unassuming, and understated person. He hates crowds but loves people, fears conflict but values differences. And believes that nature is a wonderful teacher if we dare to listen.

Andrew has two small start-up companies: Wizup, currently developing a mobile application to better support interactive pedagogy within schools and universities. And Clarus, that has just secured a worldwide patent on bionic technology to help paraplegics walk again.

Andrew’s focus is on the journey, building the courage to take the next imperfect step, learning how to use his heart as a compass, and daring to listen.

Presentation: UI Design – How to design without buttons

Modern mobile and web applications are shifting from displaying static textural information to animated pictorial interaction. Contextual relevance is now critical to handle overwhelming amounts of changing information. Wearable technologies like smart watches are now commonplace, with more users demanding a shift from application centric control to bidirectional notification control. That is, “tell me what I need to know, when I need to know it, and I will tell you what to do”.

A small start-up company of 20 volunteers are developing a mobile application for schools and universities to tackle such problems. They have designed screens without buttons to be more inclusive, purpose centric and simplistic. The team have started designs that use AI and SI to integrate users into an immersive experience.

This session summarises the shift in thinking required for this new design paradigm, and the challenges encountered so far. Get an exclusive look at screens currently being developed that implement these concepts to better understand potential value to your design process and your clients.