Arash Arabi


Founder & CEO, Sprint Agile

Arash Arabi is a global management consultant, best-selling author, and Taekwondo world champion. He is the founder and CEO of Sprint Agile and his work with multi-billion dollar companies has been featured several times on TV news, print, and online media.

His company Sprint Agile, uses an empirical approach to help businesses move from opinion-based decision making to evidence-based decision making. Sprint Agile’s clients include some of the largest and most successful organisations including ANZ, NAB, Oracle, Accenture, and Amazon. Arash is the author of the Internationally best-selling book, The Wise Enterprise: Reshape your organisation for the age of uncertainty. For more information on Arash’s work please visit or follow him on LinkedIn or YouTube.

Presentation: Five skills for Business Analysts to set you apart in 2022

The pandemic may have accelerated the future of work, but it’s also pushed the fast forward button on the emerging skills in demand for professionals in 2022. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were living in a fast-paced world where the demand for various skills was changing constantly. Now, the pandemic has caused an abrupt and substantial change to the business landscape. So how do we deal with what lies ahead and what skills do business analysts need to thrive in this new age of uncertainty? Join Arash Arabi, best-selling author of The Wise Enterprise in this interactive session to learn about 5 important skills that will set you apart in 2022.