Carl Sudholz

Independent Business Analyst, AGContext Business Systems

Carl Sudholz is the founder of AGContext, a digital transformation consultancy who helps non-profit organisations leverage cloud software to reduce administration and streamline communication. Throughout his almost 20 year career, Carl has led and supported digital transformation projects for a wide range of organisations including: Professional Associations, Allied Health and Government. Carl is a passionate advocate for the critical role of business analysis in helping organisations be more productive and sustainable. As Secretary of the International Institute of Business Analysis – Australia Chapter, Carl is leading his professional community in helping create a better world for all.

Presentation: The Purpose-Driven Business Analyst

Have you ever been concerned that the project you are working on, or the analysis you are undertaking, is creating outcomes that are morally wrong?

Should you say nothing, and just do your job? Should you speak up and initiate a change? Would you be prepared to quit your job, to stay true to your values?

Expedited by the pandemic, people are questioning the work that they do, and who they do it for. Employees don’t see themselves as workers anymore. They seek to spend their time at work doing something they enjoy, with people they like, achieving something important now and for the long-term.

The world is awakening to the fact that profit-only business models are harming our environment, society, and future. From direct action activism to responsible finance, the old business mantra of profit above all else is failing. Companies are increasingly expected to become more efficient, more caring, more sustainable, and more responsible.

Aligned purpose, trustworthiness and authenticity are having a direct and positive impact on the bottom line of the enterprise. New business opportunities are emerging from the fields of digital experience, renewable energy, electrification of industry, smart cities, sustainable agriculture, emissions reduction, ethical governance, values-driven procurement and more.

This is a radical shift. Harnessing these opportunities relies on talented and educated people, who are increasingly seeking to use their time at work to do good. To attract, retain and get the best from skilled and talented people requires more than a pay cheque. Businesses must offer new ways of working and genuine opportunities to positively contribute to the bigger picture beyond profit only values.

As companies seek transformational change in this shift from profit into purpose, the role of the business analyst must also evolve. A new purpose of business requires a new purpose of business analysis.

In this presentation, Carl Sudholz (in Canberra) and Ruth Lewis (in Melbourne) will explore the opportunities and challenges for the business analysis profession in this transition from profit-driven enterprise to new purposes that serve a greater common good of people and planet.