Dan Levy


Principal, More Space For Light

Dan is the Principal of “More Space for Light” an Australian-based consultancy that specialises corporate innovation and strategy. Dan specialises in customer experience and product/service strategy. His ethos which is embedded in the More Space philosophy is to help organisations embed a culture of creative confidence and collaboration. He has worked at senior level positions globally in the creative technology services industry.

Presentation:Design Thinking and learning to fly!

Design thinking skills have strong value in the workplace as consumer and stakeholder needs transform to accommodate the fast pace and constant change experienced in contemporary times.

In this session we will demonstrate the value of using the principles of Design Thinking into the way you work. You will be guided through a hands-on and highly collaborative session where we will present ways to stimulate creative thinking, working together, and team building. In order to achieve outcomes that sit in the magic zone of desirability, feasibility and viability.