Daniel Rayner


Managing Director, GBTEC APAC, GBTec

Having a keen interest in scaling companies from a start-up level, Daniel Rayner, has recently taken on the task of expanding the European based Business Process Management solution vendor GBTEC Software AG to the Asia Pacific region. With significant uptake in the first year of operations, Daniel is working closely with GBTEC’s newest customers to improve the way they manage their business processes. With a rapidly changing business landscape, Daniel is passionate about discussing the key ingredients necessary to effectively implement Business Process Management within an organisation.

In conjunction with this GBTEC expansion, Daniel has created and hosts a podcast series, Process Pioneers powered by GBTEC, where he interviews leading BPM practitioners throughout the world in order to capture and deliver a diverse and collective experience from the global BPM community. Having been listened to and downloaded thousands of times since its launch in June 2020, Daniel has a way of eliciting the most valuable information from his guests as he aims to share with his audience the best insights in process excellence.

Presentation: Why Your Processes Suck (And How To Make Them Not Suck)

Over the last 12 months, Daniel Rayner from GBTEC has had many conversations with different organisations of various sizes, who generally fit into one of the following three categories:
1. Their processes are not managed or improved and stay in the heads of the employees
2. They have made failed attempts at managing and improving their organisations processes
3. They have a robust process management and improvement foundation and strategy

It is from these conversations that Daniel has discovered the need for an engaged community that will encourage constructive dialogue around the topic of business processes. This is where Process Pioneers was born, with the podcast series featuring a diverse range of experts who share their experiences that come from working within process-centric organisations.

Having released 100+ episodes so far, Daniel has noticed that despite the size or maturity of an organisation there are common key ingredients to ensure effective Business Process Management. In this session, Daniel will be speaking to the future of BPM and what you can put in place today to head towards process excellence tomorrow.