David Quinlan

David Quinlan

David is a passionate Business Analyst and a dynamic People Leader with over 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. As a Business Analyst Chapter Lead at Commonwealth Bank, he knows how to make meaningful connections and is committed to helping others maximise their potential.  

David’s leadership style is personable and approachable, inspiring teams to achieve outstanding results and exceed expectations in a fast-paced environment. 

When not at work, David can be found playing guitar (badly), walking his dog Tiger, or acting as an Uber driver for his 2 children. 

Presentation: Supercharge your career: Levelling Up Your Interpersonal Skills for Personal and Professional Growth

“Supercharge your career: Levelling Up Your Interpersonal Skills for Personal and Professional Growth” dives into the essential role that strong interpersonal skills play in our role as Business Analysts. By drawing insights from industry experts and research, participants will gain practical, real-world strategies for effective communication and collaboration within remote or distributed teams. The presentation will also highlight the importance of authentic human connections and trust across geographical boundaries to drive innovation and team culture. 

Key outcomes of the presentation include an increased awareness of the nuances of remote communication and practical tools for building stronger interpersonal relationships in virtual environments. Participants will learn to use technology effectively and how to cultivate empathy to build real human relationships between team members. Ultimately, the goal of the presentation is to empower the BA community to navigate the complexities of remote work with confidence, driving personal growth and professional success.