Deon Rademeyer

Director – Team Coaching | Team Diagnostics

Deon’s professional journey began as a Business Analyst before progressing to leadership positions in large project delivery teams in the Banking sector. With three decades of industry experience and a deep passion for people, he has established himself as one of Australia’s top Gallup Strengths practitioners. Deon leverages a Strengths-Based approach to train and coach project team members, enabling them to uncover their unique value and unlock their potential for success.

Navigating the Red Ocean: The Blue Ocean Business Analyst’s Guide to Success

How can Business Analysts stand out in a sea of competition? In today’s Red Ocean environment, marked by intense rivalry and saturated markets, it is crucial for Blue Ocean Business Analysts to differentiate themselves. One effective strategy is refining soft skills, such as communication, empathy, leadership, and adaptability. These skills empower analysts to cultivate stronger relationships with stakeholders, collaborate efficiently with cross-functional teams, and drive organizational success. By adopting a Strengths-Based approach, Blue Ocean Business Analysts can pinpoint and capitalize on their unique strengths, resulting in even greater achievements.

By strengthening vital soft skills, Blue Ocean Business Analysts can foster trust with stakeholders and position themselves as invaluable strategic partners. These analysts are more adept at understanding stakeholder needs and challenges, crafting solutions to address those requirements, and motivating others to follow their example. This presentation will explore the relationship between these soft skills and the Underlying BA Competencies, emphasizing how BAs can set themselves apart by harnessing their distinct strengths and talents.