Derek Smith

Derek Smith

Position: Chief Technology Officer
Company: Naveego

Derek Smith is the Chief Technology Officer at Naveego, where he designs and develops the platform that is helping businesses tackle data quality and master data management. As CTO, he also guides Naveego as it experiences its early stage growth; helping to shape the company into a leading cloud data accuracy platform.

Presentation: Digital Transformation – Do You Trust Your Data? (Presenting with Paul Orfanos)

Data quality continues to be a significant issue for organisations globally. As many organisations go through digital transformations there is now a greater understanding that bad data leads to distrust, bad analytics and ultimately bad decision making.
Towards the end of the last century and early part of this century, computer hardware and applications used to be seen as a capital asset, yet data wasn’t thought of as an asset in the same way. Today, the opposite holds true, hardware and software is becoming a service people buy in real-time and the lasting asset is now the data. Getting the data foundation right in an organisation requires a deeper understanding of its data assets. The solution is to have data management tools, to bring disparate data together across an organisation for consistency and better collaboration.
This presentation will cover the following key areas:

  • Keys to digital transformation
  • Greater understanding of data
  • Implementation of a digital transformation project:
    • Discovery
    • Integration
    • Data cleanse
    • Data governance
    • Golden record
    • Analytics ready

Attendees will learn about specific data management techniques, tools, and platforms that ensure data quality for greater productivity and reduced costs.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 2: Business Analysis Key Concepts, Chapter 3: Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring