Dr Amanda Keenan

Founder & Chief Humanist | Cool Kids Innovation

Human-centered design is the discipline of creating solutions in the service of people – customers, employees, citizens. I’m a HCD evangelist. As well as practicing design thinking across a varied number of market sectors, enterprise organizations and government departments, I see my role as supporting individuals, project teams and organizations to uplift and embed an enhanced capability in design thinking and innovation.  My career has led me from marketing and relationship management to customer experience and advocacy, experience design, then to facilitating knowledge transfer of these skills to others. The role of the designer is to connect people and ideas, then bring them to life; the role of the change manager is to guide organizations to success.  I combine these capabilities to help improve people’s lives.

Presentation: 41 Shades of Design Thinking for Agile

This workshop is an introduction to the LUMA method of design thinking – a globally recognized certification. In this interactive, fun, and dynamic session we will apply just 3 of the LUMA methods, focusing on understanding stakeholder needs as the foundation for a successful and well-governed project. You will learn how to apply 3 of the LUMA methods in your work to keep customers top-of-mind,  better collaborate with customers to understand their needs and expectations and reduce risk in every project.