Emily Bone


National Capability Manager Consulting, ASG Group

Emily is the National Capability Manager Consulting at ASG Group. ASG is an award winning IT business solutions provider, offering a complete digital transformation service, from infrastructure and managed services, through to business and IT advice and solutions implementation.

With over 20 years’ experience across business analysis and technical roles, Emily currently works across consulting capabilities including Project Delivery, Business Analysis and Change to ensure ASG’s offerings and consultants are providing the best possible outcomes for our clients, as well as being aligned to the future competitive market.

Presentation: How many hats are YOU wearing?

As Business Analysts (BAs), we have always been multi-skilled; mixing science, art, and magic to deliver our outcomes. However, things have changed, and we need to change with them: in addition to our specialty pockets, we are being asked to wear multiple hats.

We are rapidly responding to external forces driving change in the demands for what we do. These changes have opened up opportunities for BAs to provide their expertise to organisations and sectors that may never have had a demand for BAs. Ongoing shifts in the way companies operate and engage with their customers and stakeholders, compliance to regulations and managing restrictions, require very agile and adaptive BAs.

We have seen more BAs being asked to provide much broader knowledge, creativity and expertise, being crossed-skilled in various disciplines, rather than focussing on specific areas. As BAs we are expected to provide domain expertise, data analysis to support ideas and make feasibility judgments. In addition, we are to facilitate and communicate in blended environments consisting of personal and virtual interactions.

We will explore the different hats we wear as BAs; the skills needed to wear them and keep the pile stable, and which of these are emerging as more important.