Heather Mylan-Mains


Director | IIBA Global

Heather is from Des Moines, Iowa. She is a stimulus for change as a mom, consultant, and longtime volunteer for IIBA®, currently Vice Chair Board of Directors. For the past 20 + years, she has collaborated with a variety of project teams to create better business outcomes. She is a fierce advocate for business analysis and loves to share her passion through speaking, teaching, and mentoring. She believes business analysis is a thinking profession and applies to everything and everyone! Heather loves to put together puzzles and figure out how the pieces fit together. She also loves to travel and wants to visit everywhere in the world. She has an MBA from Drake University, a BA in Accounting from Grand View College, is a CBAP® and CSM and has survived many PhDs (pretty hard days). Heather blogs at www.BAsWithoutBorders.com.

Presentation: Unlocking Success: Mastering the Mindset of Business Analysis (Adelaide & Melbourne only)

In a conversation, when someone answers your question with the phrase, “it depends”, you likely are talking with someone operating with a Business Analysis Mindset.  Business analysis professionals have a way of seeing, thinking, and questioning that can seem unwieldy when not managed with a business analysis mindset. This mindset considers the people, data, rules and process in an organization as well as how to communicate with the people and systems in an organization. Learning to have the confidence and courage to challenge is a differentiating characteristic and central to mastery.  There are tools and techniques each of us should learn, practice, and adopt to master the business analysis mindset. With this mastery, there is no idea, conversation, or problem that cannot be discussed and understood. It is powerful!  If you are interested in learning more about discovering how to learn, adopt and apply a Business Analysis Mindset, this session is for YOU!