Hugh Peterken

Hugh Peterken

Position: CEO
Company: Vireloup Pty Ltd

Hugh Peterken is the President of the International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) Australia Chapter. He is an experienced business leader who actively promotes business analysis for improving business performance. He is internationally recognised as an expert in information technology and business process.

Hugh has held senior roles in engineering, ICT and consulting. He was the as Chief Information Officer for The International Red Cross based in Geneva and the Chief Information Officer for the largest health service in Queensland (Metro North Hospital and Health Service). He currently runs his own consulting business – Vireloup Pty Ltd.

Hugh has a track record of delivering business success through technology. He is a strong advocate for the business analysis profession, both as President of IIBA Australia Chapter and through his strong industry network.

Presentation: The business analysis profession in Australia – Challenges and opportunities

This is a moderated panel discussion with IIBA Australia Chapter Board members providing perspectives on the profession. Questions from the audience are also sought during a Q and A session. The current President Hugh Peterken, past President Damian Wilson and Director of the Education Portfolio, Briana Ertanin will be on the panel.

The panel will showcase Australian thought leadership on the state of the Business Analysis profession. The panelists all have long term, high level engagement with the profession in their work environment and through IIBA Australia Chapter. They have refreshing perspectives on the value of business analysis and its critical role to businesses transitioning to the new economy.