Jason Cameron


Coach | Mentor | Trainer, ScrumCraft & Peoples’ Choice Credit Union

I love agile, I mean… I really love agile! It has provided me so many fantastic opportunities that I cannot help but want to share its awesomeness with others and provide them, through great learning experiences, an avenue to grow as well. That is why #ilovewhatido! I am on a mission to demystify agile at scale and help organisations and individuals connect with their inner awesome to meet complex challenges head on. No matter your application, be it technical or non-technical business agility, its application is proven and supported with real evidence.

Presentation: Using Scrum to scale Scrum, the basics of Scrum@Scale

Scrum, as originally outlined in the Scrum Guide, is a framework for developing, delivering and sustaining complex products by a single team. Since its inception, it’s usage has extended to the creation of products, processes, services, and systems that require the efforts of multiple teams. Scrum@Scale was created to efficiently coordinate this new ecosystem of teams. It achieves this goal through setting up a “minimum viable bureaucracy” via a “scale-free” architecture.

We will be running through an introduction of the framework and its key components as outlined in the Scrum@Scale guide including Q&A of some of the impediments which impact agile transformations the most.