Kari Jones

General Manager Analytics & Insights at Woolworths 

Kari is a dynamic and visionary leader with a deep commitment to enhancing the performance of New Zealand organisations through emerging technologies, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. Her expertise in analytics-driven business transformation, lean leadership, and team-building has helped several iconic organisations achieve significant business results by improving customer-centricity and operational effectiveness.

Kari believes in growing and empowering people. She is passionate about building high-performing environments that inspire and motivate technical teams to achieve their potential. Kari values personal connections and fosters strong collaborative and respectful relationships across the organisation. She values diverse thinking and seeks out a variety of perspectives, enabling teams to approach problems from multiple angles.

Currently, Kari is the General Manager for Analytics & Insights at Woolworths NZ, leading a full-stack advanced analytics, and insights capability that is responsible for driving analytics transformation and enablement for Woolworths NZ Supermarkets end-to-end.


Panel: The Future of Business Analysis: Staying relevant in an emerging and evolving landscape. i.e. GenAI, Data, Automation, and more

With some key questions to be answered:
• How GenAI Impacts Business Analysis
• How do you stay relevant as a BA in the next few years?
• What skills should I focus on as a BA?
• Data and Business Analysis?

We have a powerful line-up with three chief-level panellists and Shane as the author of 2 books on business analysis. It will be an opportunity to hear insights from people leading technology and most of them BAs themselves in the past.