Kathy Berkidge

Agile Consultant and Coach | Mind at Work Consulting

With a background in software development, Kathy is an agile BA professional with over 30 years of experience in I.T. She provides business analysis and agile training and consulting services to many organisations in a variety of industries, as well as speaks internationally on topics relating to agile, mindset and business analysis. Kathy works with teams to improve teamwork, be more innovative and deliver better customer value. She is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations thrive in an environment of collaboration and harmony.

Business Analysis with Presence

Business analysis is all about working with people. We are constantly interacting and communicating with stakeholders from many different parts of the business, with many different types of concerns and needs. Effective stakeholder engagement is vital to enable us to do business analysis well and help ensure the most valuable solutions are implemented.
Building positive relationships is critical for successful stakeholder engagement. Being open and honest is key, as is being focused and listening. Presence is essential so that people feel heard, and their requirements are understood. While being present sounds straightforward, our minds easily wander, and distractions arise that hijack our attention.
This session will discuss the importance of performing business analysis with presence. We will explore techniques that enhance listening and concentration to remain present. By being more present, we will create better rapport and connection with our stakeholders.