Katrina Macdermid

Director, KJM Services

Thanks to a refreshing approach to IT Service Management which integrates Human Centred Design, Katrina has risen to prominence as the world authority in the design of Service Management.
Katrina has a reputation internationally as a speaker, trainer and consultant. Her expertise, innovation and advocacy means she is ideally positioned to lay the foundation for ensuring IT has a human focus.
Katrina is a contributing author to the ITIL 4 official publication and has written white papers explaining how to incorporate Human Centred Design into IT service management. Katrina hosts podcasts and blogs where she interviews the most influential and powerful business leaders across the globe.

Humanising IT™

How do we change decades-old IT service management processes? How do we change tired and outdated IT support models? And how do we change the mindset and ways of working of the people responsible for IT service management?

The answer is Humanising IT ™

We have created a unique, innovative, and much-needed overhaul to IT service management called Humanising IT ™. This book sets out to share, educate and inform all IT professionals on the “how” and the “why” of what IT service management should do.