Kelly Myles


Senior Business Analyst, Westpac Group

Kelly is a Senior Business Analyst with a passion for helping other BAs to achieve their potential. With a lifelong interest in language, Kelly knows first-hand the importance of communicating clearly, as well as the unintentional confusion and miscommunication that sometimes arises for people tackling English as a second or subsequent language in a business context.

Presentation: Nail that Lingo

“Nail That Lingo” is a fun exploration of sayings in English that may sound the same, but which have different meanings. This session offers an opportunity to discover a little more about the “I don’t know what I don’t know”, or “unconscious incompetence” quadrant of ourselves. It is particularly designed for people who speak English as a second or subsequent language. EG why is a “sack full of kittens” very different to a “sock full of grasshoppers”? Why is “few” vs “a few” really important to understand? And what exactly is the deal with “low hanging fruit”? If you ever used the term “nip in the butt” instead of “nip in the bud” this is the session you need.