Linda Field


Co Founder And Business Analysis Capability Lead, Bailey Abbott

A professional consultant with over 20 years analysing and implementing a variety of projects as either a consultant or member of internal teams. Linda has extensive skills in stakeholder management, development of program roadmaps, business case development, development of governance models, risk assessment, tender preparation, and business analysis. With a proven track record in delivery of both technical and business outcomes, Linda enjoys working within complex and challenging environments. Linda is a co-founder of Bailey Abbott, a consulting firm based in Adelaide.

Linda is an elected board member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and has great personal drive to help her clients to solve complex business challenges.

Presentation: Using Business Analysis skills and techniques to start a consultancy mid COVID-19 (when everyone said not too!)

COVID-19 entered Australia 2 years ago and changed the way we work forever. A team of consultants who were unemployed due to the virus saw an opportunity in the market to radically challenge the accepted model of a consultancy business.. and Bailey Abbott was born. With a focus on recruiting key talent (#Best People) 16 months later Bailey Abbott has over 40 staff and 24 clients here in South Australia. Forecasting 600% growth in its first full financial year it is seen as a true employer of choice for consultancy staff and a genuine challenger in the SA market.

Linda Field. Co-Founder and Business Analysis Capability Lead will discuss the BA techniques used in the initial build of the business, tips on finding great BAs in a challenging market and how to make the most of driving a capability remotely.