Lindsay Tighe


Director, Better Questions

Lindsay is a highly regarded author, speaker and coach. Her passion is helping people to see that the way they are unconsciously communicating can be detrimental to others and her mission is to teach people some simple strategies to enable them to communicate more effectively. She has been delivering her thought provoking workshops for nearly 20 years and has now enabled 1000’s of people to transform the way they are communicating for the better. She has published 9 books, and has also developed an extensive range of online resources.

Presentation: My Best Life – A workshop to support your Wellbeing

There is no doubt that people who do not have the ability to cope effectively with challenges that occur in their lives will feel overwhelmed and be less productive at work. By being proactive in this important aspect of our work and life we will enhance our wellbeing and our ability to perform well in our roles.

This short workshop is designed to enhance an individual’s personal resilience and is grounded in both Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Positive Psychology, and teaches the ability to use a Solution Focused approach.

Participants are invited to become more aware of their negative and routine thinking patterns and the consequences of this. They will be inspired by the idea that asking Better Questions is a powerful way to enable more resourcefulness leading to better outcomes.

In this inspiring workshop you will learn how:
 your routine thinking can keep you stuck in your problems
 by challenging and changing your thinking, the results you are getting change
 by using Better Questions you can become more resourceful in finding solutions

Participants will walk away from this with simple and effective strategies they can put in place immediately to build their personal Resilience and enhance their Mental Health and Wellbeing.