Marina Pullin


Managing Director, Jungal

Marina Pullin is a passionate, considered consultant with a deep belief in the process of growth and learning from mistakes through bravery and willingness to grow. She has worked in a variety of projects and locations across the world and brings a sense of perception, experience, and humour to the world of analysis and innovation.

Her skills in business and specifically analysis, led her to establish the award winning consulting firm MCBI, which has evolved into a workforce specialist company and is known for teaching business analysts how to improve their impact and skills. Her firm has supported over 600 Australian analysts to improve their performance.

She has a number of publications and you can follow some of her podcasts on the MCBI Channel on uTube.

Presentation: The Black Swan of your progress – how to stop going backwards

The world emerging from post COVID is one that is simultaneously seeking safety and normality – but in our pursuit of the familiar are we overlooking the substantial insight we have gained about new ways pf working and what matters?

Some argue COVID despite the trauma, has produced some of the most important revelations for the business world to take notice of – if we are willing. The area of business analysis has been forever changed but many are reluctant to adjust and let go of the past.

The session will look at the complexity of moving ahead with our new knowledge and using this collective view to bravely challenge the very methods we use to deliver change and insight. Our level of advocacy has increased and the density of information available to us to create a better business environment has exploded …if we are willing.

Come along if you are interested in architecture, systems thinking and evolving business analysis techniques.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 06: Strategy Analysis