Mark Atkins


Co-founder, Intraversed Pty Ltd.

Mark is co-founder of Intraversed Pty. Ltd., an information management education and software company specialising in business language and governance. He helps clients in various industries establish and maintain information governance and quality capabilities using the award winning Intralign® Ecosystem methodology and its structured definition standard.
He has 25+ years experience in Information Management, Information Quality, Data Modelling, Data Warehousing & BI, System Design, & Manufacturing Systems. His experience spans many industries in ANZ, Singapore, USA and UK, including education, insurance, transportation, banking, telecommunication, pharmaceutical, & manufacturing.

Presentation: Writing Business Definitions – a Structured Approach

I’m passionate about saving languages. Language encapsulates the understanding of who we are and what we know and is incredibly valuable. Yet I’ve witnessed the dilution of business language lead to lost knowledge, inefficiencies, and costly mistakes.

As a former Chief Data Architect, data warehouse and BI designer and developer, I continually searched for a way to describe the business needs of my customers elegantly and clearly. Clarity is key in definition. But what I continually experienced was misunderstandings around common terminology across cultures and generations.

My experience spans many years, countries, and brands, and in that time the only tools and methods available to help reduce ambiguity and confusion were complex data modelling and software engineering tools that just weren’t appropriate to use by my customers for communication.

After many years of frustration with technology companies that promised but failed to fill this gap, I was determined to develop a solution for my customers, a methodology for clearly defining business language. Along with my co-founder, Terry Smith, we took a financial risk and left our corporate jobs to spend time researching writing styles and analysing the many definitions we had collectively accumulated. Eventually we met success, by creating the Intralign definition writing standard to support our customers in the authoring of clear, concise, and easily validated definitions.

Having tested and evolved the Intralign standard over the last ten years, I’m at a point where I’m keen to share with others this method for improving definition writing.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 09: Underlying Competencies