Mary Karborani

Chief Technology Officer | Capricorn

A highly skilled and dedicated IT Manager with extensive experience in a variety of specialisations such as Compliance & Business Process Improvements, Software/Information Technology, Risk & Assurance Management and Vendor & Contract Management. Armed with over 20 years’ experience leading transformational digital technology initiatives that align with strategic direction to enable operational excellence, deliver process improvements, enhance user experience, and drive profitability across a diverse range of businesses. Possesses excellent orientation towards high productivity and efficiency in carrying out everyday operations, paying close attention to critical work regulations and policies in exceeding industry standards. Mary has expert knowledge of management principles and systems, with an effective practical knowledge of applications of business and management theories in recommending impactful changes to company operations. Proven ability to adapt to demanding work conditions and adjust quickly to challenging environments. A self-motivated and efficient professional who is looking for a new employment opportunity to utilise knowledge and skills in order to contribute to achieving the goals and overall operational efficiency of the organisation.

Presentation: The evolution of Business Analysts and their vital role in business transformation

A new era of Artificial Intelligence is upon us, the traditional IT ecosystem is set for a major disruption. With all this upheaval, Business Analysts need to evolve so that they don’t perish. In my talk I will discuss the transformation business analysts need to undertake to pivot their roles from primarily facilitating and documenting to innovative, creative, and critical thinkers that drive business transformation in their organisation.