Naomi Pollock


Consultant / Business Analyst | Enterprise Agility

Naomi is a highly experienced Business Analyst with broad cross-sector experience, a comprehensive set of BA capabilities, strong leadership experience and solid public speaking credentials.

Skilled in blending IT delivery, business writing and facilitation to drive meaningful organisational value, Naomi believes in the value of, gender-diverse teams, everyday Agile principles, and the phenomenal creativity and skill of IT people. Naomi’s blended education in Arts, Business and Counselling is the foundation for her success in a wide range of roles, from enterprise-level strategy engagements through to complex and detailed delivery.

Presentation: From Stenography to Strategy

Real-life case studies in making the leap beyond describing what is, and stretching whole organisations towards what could be.

Join us for an exploration of how Business Analysis capabilities and methods can be applied and magnified to understand enterprise-level challenges and create lasting impact on programs, solutions and culture.

For the past eight years, Enterprise Agility has worked with senior leadership across a range of organisations and industries to solve problems that matter and create solutions that last.

Join Carl Spurling (CEO) and Naomi Pollock (BA/Consultant) as they step through the realities and opportunities that await BAs who are seeking out ways to extend their skills, stretch their experience and fulfil their potential.