Navdeep Chhabra


Director | Management Consultant | Modern Analyst | Business Visionary | ICT Trainer | Career Coach | Mentor | Author

Navdeep is an ICT Management Consultant with a Master and Management degree in IT, He has over 15 years of ICT Experience and has worked in various private as well as public sector. He has skilfully Managed the delivery of business transformation projects by enhancing digital and business capabilities. With a background in Business, Technology and Strategy Analysis and Architecture, he has Successfully delivered digital transformation projects.

His extensive industry knowledge and insights have enabled him to Train, Coach and Mentor many Organisations, Departments, Teams, and individuals towards the path of growth and accomplishment.

He has mentored and encouraged aspiring individuals to realize their true potential and motivated them to achieve their goals. Over the last few years Navdeep has successfully taught students and professionals to create their own personal brand through his remarkable finesse at mentoring. He has motivated and guided many aspirants in their journey of transformation and helped them reach the pinnacle of personal growth.

He is also the Author of “Moving Abroad – a Handbook for International Students and Professionals”, a book that delineates at length not only the strategies that should be adopted by students and professionals looking to integrate themselves in a global network, but also provides crucial tips to build character through time management, task prioritization and skill enhancement. The book is a mantra for people who are willing to broaden their horizons and create an identity that surpasses geographical confines. It is set to launch on March 22nd, 2022.

Presentation: 5 lessons Busines Analysis teaches us for life

Students / professionals need more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic to survive in the global business world.

They need life skills, and many of these life skills are skills that a Business Analyst uses every day.