Oluwakorede Asuni

Oluwakorede Asuni

Position: Secretary 
Company: International Institute of Business Analysis, South Africa Chapter

Oluwakorede Asuni, Olu as he is fondly called by colleagues, friends and family, works at the intersection of technology and business. He has for many years assisted large corporations, small businesses, public sector organisations and non-profits craft excellent technology adoption strategies.

He is the business analysis lead for the mobile financial services unit of MTN South Africa, where he supports executives and key decision makers in expanding and growing the business.

Olu is the secretary of the executive board of International Institute of Business Analysis in South Africa (IIBA SA). He is interested in the stakeholder theory of business, new business models for businesses, ethics of information systems and gamification.

He can be reached at:
eMail: oluwakoredeasuni@gmail.com 
website: OluwakoredeAsuni.com/reflections 
Linkedin:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/oluwakoredeasuni/

Presentation: Gamification: Fad or new reality
Gamification – the application of game design principles and mechanics to non-gaming environments – is increasingly gaining popularity. But with the popularity comes scepticism about the true benefits of gamification to businesses and their stakeholders on the one hand and on the other hand is the risk of poorly executed gamification application exercises.

The presentation will introduce gamification as a tool for helping businesses and businesses’ stakeholders reach desired business outcomes where other techniques might fail or be too expensive.

A case will be made for the use of gamification as a means of reducing customer acquisition cost and increasing customer lifetime value to business.

An exploration of the available theories, principles and ethical guidelines for the application of gamification will be conducted.

Key take-aways: Participants will leave the session with a clear understanding of:

(a) what gamification is and what it is not (there is also such a thing as pseudo gamification),

(b) some acceptable conditions under which gamification can be applied and;

(c) a set of best practises for applying gamification in products and services released for public use.

Business Analysts who attend the session will also be empowered with the capability to start and/or engage in strategic and tactical conversations if the business they support considers foraying into applying gamification in their product or service.

BABOK V3 Alignment: Business Strategy