Rick Giner


Director Of Engineering, Everest Engineering

Rick is an engineering and product delivery specialist with nearly twenty years working as a consultant across agency, enterprise and startups. He has a passion for good design and UX – including aspects of performance, usability and accessibility. He’s a huge fan of the Australian tech community – so you’ll often find him at meetups and conferences, including his own Melbourne Web Meetup or BuzzConf Technology Festival. Or in the pub.

Presentation: The business case for Digital Accessibility

We’ve all heard that digital Accessibility is the right thing to do, and in the wake of the pandemic where many people have had their ability to physically interact with brands taken away, this has never been more important. But does it really make business sense to put in the effort to become compliant?

In this presentation Rick will explore and challenge some of the common justifications for avoiding the requirement – and look at how we can in fact make a very compelling case for building products with Inclusive Design and Accessibility in mind.