Ryan McKergow

Group Manager | Elabor8

Ryan is the Group Manager for Elabor8’s Queensland office, which he has led for the last 7 years. Elabor8 is a specialist Agile & DevOps Management Consultancy. He grew this office from himself to a team of 40 people in 2023. Due to his success in his role, Ryan has been the recipient of multiple awards including Emerging Leader of the Year in 2018 as awarded by the Institute of Managers and Leaders. He also enjoys public speaking as has previously spoken at multiple conferences and events.

Presentation: Buy a Feature

Buy a feature is an interactive game designed to illuminate the complexities of prioritisation and resource allocation. In this hands-on simulation, teams are presented with a range of potential product features, each carrying its own costs and benefits. Through lively discussions and negotiations, participants must collaboratively decide which features to invest in given limited resources.

By grappling with real-world trade-offs, ‘Buy a Feature’ offers a tangible experience of Agile principles in action. The game encourages adaptive planning, iterative decision-making, and effective communication among team members. As you navigate the challenges of making strategic choices within constraints, you’ll develop a practical understanding of Agile concepts that can be directly applied to your projects.