Ryan McKergow


Group Manager, Queensland, Elabor8

A Business Analyst in a former life, Ryan is now the Group Manager for Elabor8’s Queensland office, which he has led for the past 5 years. He has grown the office from himself to a team of 30+ people. Due to his success in this role, Ryan has been the recipient of multiple awards including the Institute of Managers & Leaders – Emerging Leader award. Ryan is passionate about continuous learning and taking lots of small steps that lead to success, which is his key message for us today.

Presentation: Using OKRs to ensure you don’t forget what you learnt today

Attending a conference can be fantastic for a boost of inspiration or learning some new techniques, but it can be easy to forget only days later. And wouldn’t that be a waste!

Having attended many conferences before, Ryan’s been in this situation and he wants to help. He’ll give you some insights into initial steps you can take to ensure you embed what you’ve learnt or implement a new idea you heard about.

Then we’ll get practical together by developing your own Objective & Key Results (OKRs) related to what you’ve learnt and putting them into action over the next 3 months. This will include explaining what OKRs are, how to write them, and why he’s suggesting 3 months.

Finally, he’ll share some parting tips on how to continue learning as life goes on and you get busy. These are tried and tested based on his busy life leading at Elabor8 and at home being father of 4 kids!

Today’s keynote is guaranteed to provide you with practical advice to ensure you don’t forget what you learnt today and use it back at your workplace.