Sean Hall


Founder | CEO | Chief Energist, Energx

Sean Hall is an ambassador & mindfulness expert for LEGO, TEDx speaker, mental health advocate and CEO of human performance consultancy Energx. After experiencing burnout (or what he calls an ‘energy crisis’) twice in three years while leading a $9B telco brand and running transformation programs impacting 40,000 employees and 16 million customers, he turned the struggles into a superpower – designing anti-burnout & creativity programs that enable your people and your business to excel in times of change and uncertainty.

So far over 10,000 people have learned these anti-burnout skills at companies like Facebook, Rio Tinto, Medibank, Unilever and Deloitte. Core to his vision is that he believes everyone deserves a coach and so his next mission is to impact 100,000 people with the launch of ‘Franky’ an AI virtual coach which offers over 5.7 million unique wellbeing programs with just a simple 5 minute ‘Energy Intelligence’ assessment.


Presentation: Do you have the intelligence to excel at change?

Whether you look forward to the future of jobs or backwards at the impact of Covid it’s clear we all need new skills to excel at change.

In this keynote from Sean Hall, mental health advocate and CEO of human performance company Energx will share:
– The five types of intelligence that create competitive advantage
– The types of data available to BA’s to identify and mitigate risk in their organisations
– How AI can be used as a powerful tool to enable all of us to be at our best
– What you can do today to become anti-burnout and light up your brain