Shashi Roy


National Business Analysis Practice Lead, Akkodis

A CBAP certified practicing BA with 13+ years of experience working in different industry domains like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Mining, State and Federal Governments etc. A Business Analysis Coach, Trainer and Adviser.

Presentation: Lost in Translation

You know the story: You join a project that’s already running, the vendor is selected, and as the BA you’re walking the tightrope between what the solution can do and what the business needs. Another day at the office – or is it? It feels like the pace of change is getting quicker, solution shelf lives are getting shorter, implementations are chunked into more rapidly deliverable pieces, and there’s news impacting projects every day. How do you make sense of it all?

Join Shashi, Ant – and maybe a few more of the team – to finish the day hands-on, as we work interactively through a case where requirements aren’t just a list of “musts, shoulds and coulds (yes, and won’ts!)”, but anchors to keep you focused.