Stan Belikoff

VP Continuous Delivery | Cochlear

Senior executive with a passion for talent development and a history of driving strategic transformations that boost revenue, operational efficiency and IT agility. Adept at overseeing technology departments, managing enterprise portfolios, and directing operations. Collaborative leader, aligning tech strategies with business goals and emphasizing digital innovation. Experience in:
• Cultivating high-performing teams and future leaders.
• Spearheading business and IT transformations for revenue growth and efficiency.
• Ensuring agility in enterprise portfolios for tangible benefits.

With a background in finance and audit, Ideveloped methods for authentic business agility, aligning business and IT, and successfully transitioning from strategy to execution, resulting in cost savings, compliance, and revenue generation.

Presentation: The Cornerstone of Change and the Realisation of Value

A large percentage of change initiatives (transformations, programs, projects, etc.) fail and value not realised. How can Business Analysis change this outcome, in a tradition, agile, hybrid or post agile environment.