Swati Tyagi


Manager, CMC Markets

I am working as a BI Manager for CMC Markets. I have worked in Public Transport Sector for over eight years now. Mostly on Digital projects. Transport of the future is a key interest area for me. I am always excited about combining technology, innovation, and transport

Presentation: What is a business analyst role in Agile? – A day in the life of an agile BA

Why do we need a Business Analyst in the Agile world?

The days of sitting around a massive table with 15 people should be long gone. Writing lengthy documents are a thing of the past. Does BA provide any value in addition to product owner is always a topic of debate?

Business Analysts in the agile world play a key role in creating a shared understanding of the problem that is on hand. An agile BA embraces collaboration over documents. Produces dialogue over documents.

In this engaging presentation, we will elaborate on the BA’s role in the agile space and how they create massive value by being part of the team. We will also discuss what are the DO’s and Don’t.
Agile manifesto and its application in a BA role
Key areas such as:
-How do we ensure that requirements are not outdated?
-How do we create that big picture to commence dialogue?
-How do we become more outcome-focused BA?
-Identify who is our real customers.

What do we need to focus on to be high-performing Business Analysts?

Real-life scenarios and examples will be used to demonstrate the above points

BABOK V3 Alignment: Chapter 02: Business Analysis Key Concepts