Terry Haayema


Agile Coach, Coach Chapter Lead, Commonwealth Bank Australia

Terry is an Agile Coach, Coach Chapter Lead at CBA, leader in the agile community and Buddhist Monk with a passion for all things agile and for helping people to become the best version of their true authentic self. With a career spanning 4 decades across all areas of business, technology and agility for diverse organisations like Intel, News Limited, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Qantas, Goodman Fielder, Channel 7 and Channel 10 Terry’s breadth of experience includes extensive experience in Business Analysis which he believes combines perfectly with agility as the single most important capability all business and technology professionals need to master to navigate today’s complex problem spaces. Terry’s personal mission is, “To help people see differently so they find joy!”

Presentation: BA/SM? BA/PO? BA/PM? with so many blended roles, do BAs need a brain transplant?

The BA role is evolving, never before have we seen so many blended BA roles.

With Business Analysis becoming the foundation of so many other roles, the BAs who can attract the greatest remuneration will be those who can extend that foundation by stepping into the brain and mindsets of other roles.

In this entertaining look at the future of the BA role, learn how you can respond to changes in the way organisations operate so you can increase your income, extend your skills and broaden your career path.