Theo Kapodistrias


Speaker | Trainer | Advisor

I help professionals and business owners to be seen, be heard and make an impact in their lives, their jobs and careers through crafting messages that matter.

As a keynote speaker, trainer and advisor, my goal is to help individuals to demonstrate their value through their voice and through their own words.

If you’ve felt that you’ve been overlooked for opportunities or have felt that you haven’t had the confidence to speak up and share your ideas, my programs can assist you to progress forward by advancing your communication. I help individuals to simplify their communications to amplify their message.

Presentation: #SQUADGOALS – Collaboration for Connection

“Collaboration” is one of those corporate buzzwords that isn’t well understood. Often, we like the idea of working together but in reality, it may simply end up being cc’ing someone into an email and considering that to be collaborative. In order to demonstrate your value, your contribution to customers, the organisational strategy, your group assignment (or any endeavor), and your impact, it is critical to work with others to get things done. When feeling disconnected to what you’re doing, working with others in a collective way can assist with levels of engagement and bringing joy back to what you’re doing. This presentation looks at practical steps to create a collaborative environment. Through real-life examples and stories on successful ways to create collaborative environments. Real collaboration allows your voice to be heard, your input to be recognised and your ability to cut through and make a real difference. The presentation looks at how some simple changes to approach can lead to better and stronger working relationships based on trust and regular communication can lead to improved results and work getting done faster and better than ever before.