Robert Snyder

Innovation Elegance

Robert Snyder is a 30-year Project Management and Performing Arts veteran who aims to make healthy change straightforward and innovation success inevitable. He hears the dissatisfaction with poor employee experience and unacceptable project failure rates and knows first-hand the limitations of software-centric methodologies. Robert believes innovation professionals are ready for a fresh methodology that confidently administers unusually rigorous discipline and empathy. Robert’s career path includes consulting and corporate roles, PMP and Agile certifications, and countless performances in vocal, dance and theater ensembles. Robert earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and his MBA in Strategy and Analytical Consulting from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Presentation: Innovation Elegance: What a People-Centric Methodology Looks Like

Companies execute software and product-centric methodologies although what makes innovation difficult is neither software nor products. Formulating a people-centric methodology isn’t revolutionary – it’s just overdue. The good news is that common frameworks and current conversations are only a few steps away from better discipline and empathy. This session shares three steps to envision and gradually adopt a people-centric methodology.