Aleks Dimeski

CEO | Nexxt Group

Aleks is an authentic leader with a passion for unleashing the true potential of an organisation’s engine room: its people, customers, processes. Her enthusiasm and experiences have led her to coach and lead cross-functional teams through transformations large and small, across a diverse range of industries. Aleks has a proven record of success in shaping and embedding ‘right fit’ ways of working for each organisation, to create outcomes that are customer-centred and optimise the bottom line.


Presentation: Beyond Assumptions: Strategic Thinking for Understanding Customer Needs

In today’s business landscape, the emphasis on data, technology, and marketing is undeniable. However even with this emphasis, the question remains: How effectively are our organisations and teams genuinely working to understand our customers? Many organisations, despite good intentions, often make assumptions about customer needs while developing new products, services, and solutions.

This presentation will delve into how you can transition to thinking strategically before diving into requirements in the complex realm of business analysis.

Key Takeaways:

• Rethink Your Approach: Shift your perspective to put your customer at the heart of your decision-making process.

• Innovate Through Customer Needs: Explore how customer needs can serve as a catalyst for innovation in your products, services, and solutions.

• Apply Effective Strategies: Integrate actionable tips to enhance and optimise your business analysis approach.

This presentation is tailored for anyone engaged in business analysis, product development, and customer experience. No matter your level of expertise, you’ll walk away equipped with skills and knowledge on applying empathetic business analysis to achieve successful business results and improved customer satisfaction.