Alex Jackson


Think Place

Alex is a designer, a creative, and a strong facilitator. Specialising in behavioural psychology and gamification, Alex loves to take a creative and playful approach in achieving organisational outcomes.

Before starting his career in consulting, Alex worked for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience to shift the dial in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and leadership. Alex now works with ThinkPlace, designing strategic and transformational change in service of vibrant communities, strong economies and sustainable environments.

Alex is experienced in human centred design and research, facilitation, innovation, gamification, and behavioural design. He is an engaging presenter and has facilitated TEDxCanberra events, panel interviews, strategy workshops, and university lectures. Alex is at his best in a room full of people and loves to network with anyone willing to share an idea.

Presentation: Gamifying your experience

Every year thousands of ideas fail to reach the light of day. Not because of a lack of merit or capability, but because they fail to engage people. Humans are at the centre of everything we do and whether you’re a business analyst or a designer, people should be at the core of your business.

Gamification gives us the tools necessary to engage an audience in a creative and surprisingly fun way that improves participant experience and helps achieve sustainable outcomes.

In this session, Alex provides an introduction into the world of gamification and how you can apply it into your new ‘business as usual’.