Andre Herbst


Director Growth & Partnerships | Increment

Andre is driven by a belief in the power of better environments and people for superior results, coupled with a relentless pursuit of excellence and learning. He’s a seasoned founder of start-ups, skilled in pioneering technologies and reshaping markets.

In the last decade, he played a pivotal role in growing a professional services business from under $10M to nearly $100M in revenue, culminating in a successful sale to a multinational in 2018 – a landmark deal in Australia.

His core philosophy revolves around leadership, innovative work methods, business agility (Teal), and a founder’s mindset as the keys to success in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Andre sees traditional organisations as running out of time and believes the next generation of leaders can thrive by embracing these concepts.

Personally, he’s on a quest for high performance through a Teal mindset and agile approach, inspired by a newfound appreciation for creating environments that allow people to be their best.

Recently, Andre discovered thriving Teal organisations in Australia, motivating him to apply his insights to help other businesses achieve growth and excellence. He’s passionate about sharing his knowledge with others.

Presentation: Interactive Session – No code/Low Code
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